Garren Glaive

One of the Ordo Palaestra that left Aria with Randal. The temptation of power proved too great for him.


Garren is the truest of tragedies for once he was loved. His parents, though sworn political enemies, loved each other and the fruit of their union. To hide and protect the boy he was sent to the Blood Trade on Aria. Sent to learn of royal ways that he would never be a part of.

When Randal asked of his former friends who would take up the call of adventure with him, Garren was the first to answer. After finding [[Leviathan | the lost ship]] with the others of his Ordo Palaestra Garren was voted captain, as the ancient vessel demanded one be named. This decision swiftly led to his end as the temptation given him by Leviathan proved too great. Her bloodlust and madness consumed him and he was removed from his post at the end of a blade. In the end Jacqueline teleported him into the cold of space leaving his former comrades to wonder if this was truly the last they had seen of their fallen captain.

Garren Glaive

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