Also known as the Holy Earth, the First World of Firsts, and the Birthworld.

Mankind allowed gods to walk amongst them. Great entities lumbered across the world in the form of corporations, governments and religions. They razed the Earth until there was no choice but to flee the dying planet. A deal was struck with the greatest of these earthly gods. An empire spanning whole worlds would be founded. Colony worlds and stations grew silently as the remains of the Earth slept. Humanity would awaken amongst the stars with all the tools needed to create a utopia. The creator asked only to be left alone on Earth.

To ensure this an army of fanatics was created to hunt any who came in contact with Earth or sought the origins of their race. Lead by a being who was once a woman, now possessed of great power and technology known as Phase.

At the end of the Second Age a war was waged against Phase and her Knights. The truth of this war is lost to the myth of the Third Age.


The Third Age PandaBear