The future is a lie…

The Holy Phase War is won. No longer is The First World hidden from its children. The First Empire of Man has declared themselves masters of the stars and all mankind. Webgates hang black and ancient in space, conveying the great ships of the Four Houses through the night sky. Within these ships the Royal Blooded move throughout the empire scheming, conquering, dying.

…awaken me…

In the umbra of System Aria an agent of old gods, once used to traverse the galaxy and create worlds, drifts dead. One of many secrets jealously guarded by the Cult of the Weave. Discovered by a young royal, traded away to advance the will of his family. Now those of his Ordo Palaestra will discover the myth of an age of man.

…and know the truth.

This is the Last Age of Heroes and Prophets.

The Third Age

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